Thursday, August 29, 2019

Incorporating Kohlbergs Stages of Moral Development into the Justice Assignment

Incorporating Kohlbergs Stages of Moral Development into the Justice System - Assignment Example This enables people to live in peace and harmony. Criminal justice refers to the system of government institutions and practices that have been entrusted to maintain social control; deter crime and punish the individuals who deviate from the accepted principles of social justice. Law enforcement officers are part of the criminal justice. This means that they should uphold justice by following the accepted concepts and principles of fairness and moral uprightness (Dawson, 2002). Law enforcement officers are responsible for providing fair punishment and rehabilitation of individuals who violate the societal laws. This assists in deterring various forms of crime and maintaining peace within the society. They should ensure that there is justice by applying a level platform in all their practices, thus ensure equality and fairness. This prevents biases and restricts some individuals from deviating from the accepted principles. In today’s society, few people have confidence in the criminal justice due to the inequality applied by the law enforcement officers when performing their duties. Law enforcement officers should perform their mandates effectively by protecting individual rights and rendering equal treatment to every individual in the society irrespective of their education, wealth, social status, race or income among other factors. Law enforcement officers should render justice by following the rule of the law. Corruption and other social ills stem from the fact that some law enforcement officers do not follow the rule of the law. They protect the criminal, therefore, promoting oppression among the innocent victims. Lastly, the law enforcement officers should ensure that they deliver services with compassion. This is in reference to the treatment of the people who have broken the law. They should be rehabilitated and punished accordingly, therefore, making them useful members of the society.

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