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chp 7 quiz questions Essay Example

chp 7 quiz questions Essay Example chp 7 quiz questions Paper chp 7 quiz questions Paper Essay Topic: Literature After presenting groups of research participants words like thread, eye, pin, syringe, sewing, sharp, and thimble, a memory researcher asks the participants whether they remember seeing the word needle. The fact that many participants do is an example of permastore. memory illusion. amnesia. dà ©j vu. memory illusion A key theme that has emerged from the memory research literature is that all explicit and implicit memories are stored in the hippocampus. memory illusions are evidence of serious memory problems such as Alzheimers disease or amnesia. the passage of time has little or no effect on the accuracy of our memories. we actively reconstruct our memories using the cues and information available to us. we actively reconstruct our memories. You watch LeShon wave his 4th of July sparkler as he runs. As you watch the light, you notice a circle of light rather than just a single point of light. This effect demonstrates the functioning of your echoic memory. flashbulb memory. iconic memory. short-term memory. iconic memory After you finish reading this sentence, the information will remain in your ________ as you consider each of the answers below. photographic memory short-term memory sensory memory long-term memory short-term memory Kira is jogging down the street listening to her portable music player. Abruptly, her batteries die and the music stops. Which of the following accounts for her ability to still hear the last part of the song that was playing? Eidetic imagery Short-term memory Echoic memory Iconic memory echoic memory While driving her children, Adrianas car broke down. She called her husband on the cell phone for the number of a towing company. If the childrens behavior prevents her from repeating the number to herself, most likely Adriana will need to dial the phone number within the next __________ or she will forget the number. 15 seconds minute 2 seconds 45 seconds 15 seconds Shanna has a quiz covering research methods for both her biology and psychology classes. As she studies, she is continually getting information confused between the classes. The resulting memory loss is explained by retrieval failure. serial position effects. interference. distortion interference Which of the following best illustrates retroactive interference? Susie struggles to learn how to play the violin, after playing the guitar for many years. Chet struggles to learn the names of the new players he added to his fantasy baseball roster. Coach Todd calls one of her old softball players the name of one of her new players. Professor Jones struggles to learn the names of his new students after teaching for many years prior. coach todd calls one of her old softball players the name of her new players In high school, Deanna took three years of Spanish. Upon enrolling in college ten years later, she registered for a remedial French course. When required to speak in French during class discussion with her teacher and classmates, Deanna frequently responds with Spanish words instead of French words. This is one example of decay. blocking. proactive interference. retroactive interference. proactive interference The Magic Number of short-term memory is fifteen plus or minus two. seven plus or minus two. nine plus or minus two. seven plus or minus three. seven plus or minus two Liv has just seen a commercial advertising a fancy kind of make-up that she would like to buy. She does not have a pen or a piece of paper to write down the telephone number, so she repeats to herself over and over again while she runs into the kitchen to find the telephone. Liv is currently using the process of ________ rehearsal to keep the telephone number active in her short-term memory. distributed semantic maintenance elaborative maintenance According to the research on the primacy effect, if your father read you a list of 10 items to pick up at the hardware store you would most easily recall those items from the end of the list. from early in the list. that are most distinctive. in the middle of the list. from early in the list Which two types of memories are both considered to be part of explicit memory? semantic and episodic reconstructive and recalled semantic and procedural conceptual and schematic semantic and episodic Jasmine needs to remember an 8-line poem for her 5th-grade English class next week. Her mother suggests that she link the first few words from each line with a different part of their home, starting with the front door. This suggestion is most similar to the memory strategy known as the method of loci. the pegword method. an acronym. the keyword method. the method of loci Although you have never taken a class with Dr. Hua, you walk into class, sit down, open your notebook, and wait for the professor to begin his lecture. What concept is being illustrated? Schema Priming Storage Primacy effec schema Who is engaging in distributed practice? Geoff, who has been studying an hour a night over the last three weeks for his anatomy final Kris, who made flash cards last night for his psychology final today Angela, who just read through her notes on the way to take her algebra final Alan, who pulled an all-nighter to get ready for his biology final geoff, who has been studying Which of the following is the best example of chunking? Andrea creates a sentence using all of her vocabulary words. Caroline uses the first letter of each of her vocabulary words and spells out the word, butterfly to help her remember. Cedric is able to remember all of the names of the kids in his class. Katie writes down an example for each of her vocabulary words. andrea creates a sentence using all of her vocabulary words Evidence suggests that when the real criminal is NOT included in a live line-up, most witnesses will refuse to answer and ask to leave the police station. will be accurate and inform the police that the person is NOT present. will be inaccurate and select the person who most closely resembles the real criminal. None of the above will be inaccurate and select Although both Clive Wearing and a patient known as H.M. had severely damaged hippocampi or removed hippocampi, they both showed evidence of ________ memory. implicit explicit eidetic episodic implicit Following a car accident, Jane and Joan both suffer head injuries with resulting amnesia. Joan cannot remember events that occurred before the accident, while Jane cannot remember events that occurred after the accident. Joan suffers from __________ amnesia and Jane from __________ amnesia. proactive; retroactive retroactive; proactive anterograde; retrograde retrograde; anterograde retrograde;anterograde There are various techniques available to help people improve their ability to recall material. For instance, when you remember something new by connecting it mentally to something you already know, you are using levels of processing. elaborative rehearsal. distributed study. a mnemonic device. elaborative rehearsal Which mental phenomenon can be defined as the retention of information over time? Knowledge Understanding Memory Thinking memory Which of the following is NOT one of the three major processes of memory? Long term Storage Encoding Retrieval long term We can use mnemonics to help us ________ information we want to retain in our memories. encode retrieve store comprehend encode Most people cant accurately remember anything they experienced in their earliest years. This phenomenon is known as retrograde amnesia. juvenile amnesia. anterograde amnesia. infantile amnesia. infantile amnesia When we arent sure where a memory really came from (Did it really happen? Or was it a dream?) we can use cues such as how vivid and detailed the memory is to determine the answer. This process is called cryptomnesia. initial recollection. considered recollection. source monitoring. source monitoring Over time, children develop greater knowledge of their own memory abilities and limitations. The term for this is comprehension. meta-memory. habituation. learning meta-memory Brains of people with Alzheimers contain senile plaques and ________, abnormalities that contribute to both synapse loss and the death of hippocampus and cerebral cortex cells. amygdala cells beta-adrenergic receptors propranolol neurofibrillary tangles neurofibrillary tangles A memory that is actually false but feels real and can be triggered by, for instance, looking at a list of associated words, is called a(n) representative heuristic. memory illusion. active reconstruction. paradoxical memory. memory illusion First observed in the hippocampus of rabbits in 1966, ________ refers to how repetitive stimulation of neurons over time will gradually strengthen connections among the neurons involved. glutamate pathways long-term potentiation engram assemblies retrospective bias long term potentiation What type of graph would be used to illustrate the primacy and recency effects? Ebbinghaus curve Histogram Enneagram Serial position curve serial position curve A group of students were told they were being given the drug ________ before taking the SAT while another group was told they were taking a dummy pill. Their unaffected SAT scores coupled with their very different perceptions of mental functioning and alertness suggested that the placebo effect was at work. Provigil Adderall Ritalin Modafinil ritalin Scientists devise ________ in order to ensure that the memories elicited in their false-memory-implantation experiments are actually false. cryptomnesia proofs plausibility estimates statistical estimates existence proofs existence proofs A researcher named Mitchell asked participants in a laboratory study to view 100 line drawings for a few seconds. They were able to identify the drawings at better-than-chance rates ________ later. 30 days moments 12 months 17 years 17 years The number of digits a person can remember is called the Magic Number. At about the age of 12, a childs memory is usually sufficient for a Magic Number of _______ (plus or minus 2). 3 9 7 11 7 Studies have shown the students perform slightly better on exams if they are tested in the same room where they learned the material. This is evidence for state-dependent learning. context-dependent learning. encoding specificity. retrospective bias. context dependent learning To demonstrate the ________ effect, Loftus and Palmer used a variety of words like hit, collided, or smashed to elicit very different estimates from study participants about the speed of vehicles involved in a traffic accident. reportage plausibility eyewitness testimony misinformation misinformation Alzheimers disease accounts for only ________ percent of cases of dementia. 60 to 75 25 to 35 50 to 60 10 to 20 50 to 60 Which of the following is more highly correlated with memory span in children? Age Shoe size Intelligence Position shoe size The remembering method that associates rhymes to a list of words in a particular order is called the keyword method. schema method. method of loci. pegword method. pegwood method The type of sensory memory that is used for visual stimuli, such as television or movies, is called iconic memory. super short-term memory. reconstructed memory. implicit memory. iconic memory The fact that people usually correctly remember where they were when they learned of the September 11th attacks but are less exact about what they were doing or who told them, leads researchers to believe that ________, while not completely reliable, contain substantial kernels of accuracy. flashbulb memories source monitoring initial recollection recovered memories flashbulb memories Which of the following describes the term schema? Process of getting information into our memory banks Process of keeping information in memory Organized knowledge structure or mental model that weve stored in memory A learning aid, strategy, or device that enhances recall organized knowledge structure Memory is NOT always accurate because memories tend to be actively reconstructed. unintentionally recorded. passively reproduced. deliberately deceptive. actively reconstructed In the 1920s, Karl Lashley hoped to discover the ______, the actual physical trace of a memory in the brain. He later concluded that memories are not stored this way. assembly postsynaptic receptors hippocampus engram engram

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