Saturday, December 28, 2019

Evaluate the View That Operation Barbarossa Was the Major...

Evaluate the view that Operation Barbarossa was the major turning point of the European War. As the European War progressed, early German advances and gains were decreasing by the mid-years of the war as it became evident the tide was turning against the Axis powers and in favour of the Allies. Operation Barbarossa and the entire Russian campaign can be seen as one significant turning point that helped to change the course of the war and yet it can be argued that this was not the sole and most major turning point. The Battle of Britain in the air war and the Battle of El Alamein in North Africa have also been labeled as turning points in the war due to their significance and the contribution they have equally played, along with Operation†¦show more content†¦Undoubtedly, the air war had a significant impact on the course and outcome of the war and so in particular the Battle of Britain can be labeled as another turning point. Hitler knew that Britain would have to be dealt with as their operation could hinder German’s plans to takeover Eastern Europe and so h e proposed a plan for Operation Sea-Lion, to invade Britain. For this to be possible however, Hitler knew that Germany needed to have control of the air which under Goering, the Luftwaffe attempted to do. From July to August in 1940, major raids and attacks were undertaken on parts of Britain such as an airfield used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and anywhere else of significant economic or military importance to Britain. In late August the RAF responded to these attacks by launching a minor attack on Berlin and despite the fact that the German command was running out of aircraft and pilots, Hitler in fury ordered the Luftwaffe to switch its attack from airfields to London itself. In the Battle of Britain Germany lost over 1200 planes whereas the RAF had only lost 688, Germany failing to gain air superiority. This was due to several reasons, mostly attributed to the superior skills of the RAF over the Luftwaffe. The RAF was fighting over home territory which meant they could easily r efuel as opposed to the Luftwaffe, RAF pilots also showed immense skill and courage. Taylor

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