Monday, February 24, 2020

The Five Aspects of Fitness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Five Aspects of Fitness - Essay Example The world is very conscious of itself. People want to be looking good, feeling good, doing good and being overall happy. Happiness is the basis of everything. Whatever one does, whether it is earning a million bucks or working for a charity, it is only to satisfy one's inner yearning for happiness. Being happy is a relative term, and poses a different implication for everyone. Physical fitness is the first and foremost aspect of fitness occupying the lives of the world-conscious people today. Everyone wants to attain a lean and toned body, much like that of the model in the nearest fashion magazine available. Various organizations cash in on this very desperation engulfing the people. Many proclaim medications guaranteed to make one lose weight instantly, while others propogate various techniques involving absurd methods to attain weight loss. Some might even benefit from these, but mostly these means are mare gimmicks. The tried and trusted age-old approach remains exercise and regulation of one's diet. No pain, no gain! And there is absolutely nothing like instant weight loss. As the body adapts to more exercise and low fat diet, it takes up nutrition from the already present fat reserve in the body, thereby depleting that source and attaining loss of weight and inches. However, this only happens over a period of few months.

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