Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Day Dreaming Essay Example for Free

Day Dreaming Essay I have always dreamed of the perfect vacation, the perfect place to go. As I have just returned from that very location, I am excited to share the experience with everyone. I am sure that you, too, will want to visit this place where only your wildest dreams could compare. While shopping at a local grocery store I noticed an entry box for a free, all expenses paid getaway. I have always wanted a dream vacation, but without finding the time and the extra money, that was exactly what it would always be, a dream. The entry form said it was a getaway, not a vacation. So what was the difference? As I read the small print on the entry form I expected to find the catch that most of these offers have. I was surprised to find no catch. No salesman would call. No mass marketing e-mails would invade my e-mail box. The entry form simply stated that the winner would receive an all-expenses paid getaway. I entered the drawing with thoughts of getting away from the daily grind. As I left the store with my few bags of groceries, I found myself wondering where this getaway was. The entry never said anything about the location. If I were to win, I hoped that it would be someplace warm. I let my thoughts run wild as I made the drive home. I was amazed at how good I felt just thinking about the perfect vacation. All too soon my thoughts returned to real life and what was. During the next month, after what seemed like the longest day ever, I arrived home to find a letter in the mailbox stating that I had won the all-expenses-paid getaway. My family has always called me lucky, but I have never been this lucky. There had to be a catch. As I sat down to read the letter I felt just absolutely exhausted. I reclined on the sofa and continued reading the award letter. Before I knew it I had dozed off. A short time later I find myself driving to the airport. I was ushered to a very large private Leer Jet. I was stopped in my tracks the moment I stepped through the entrance to the aircraft. I was amazed at the comfort level of the interior. The seats were overstuffed, soft, tan leather. There were perfectly placed tables and couches. The excitement of a real getaway was truly setting in. Strange as it was, I was not worried about the destination. The letter said to pack a small bag of only the bare necessities, so I packed two large pieces of luggage with everything I could think of that I might need on this getaway. I was greeted by a very lovely lady, and as she showed me to my seat for the flight, I was told that once we were airborne that I could feel free to wander about the jet. As I sat in the overstuffed seat I felt my body relax. My mind slowly let go of all thoughts of my daily life and stresses. Take off was barely perceptible. I glanced out of what seemed to be a large window for an aircraft and watched the world I knew slowly disappear into the distance. I relaxed and closed my eyes. As the jet drifted off into the blue sky, I too drifted off. I cannot tell you how long we were in flight; as if in a dream I realized that we had landed. The landing strip was a beautiful field of grass. The outer edge of the landing strip was lined with the most beautiful green trees I had ever seen. As I reached the exit door of the jet, I saw only beauty. I didn’t know where I was, but I really didn’t care at that point. There was a golf cart waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. The driver was a very handsome young man. After a brief introduction he drove me to a very inviting bungalow and told me that this was where I would be staying during my visit. The bungalow had a well-appointed, covered, raised front deck area before the entrance. The view was more than I had ever hoped for. The oversized bungalow was everything I had ever dreamed of; the furnishings were made to order from my very own wish list. The colors of the decor were inviting yet calming. Not a wish or expectation had been left out. The rooms were much larger than I thought they would be. My luggage had already been delivered and as I began to put things in the closet and drawers, I found that my every need had already been provided for. There were clothes in the closet that were just my size and I could clearly see that they were made for a location just as this. I could not remember a time that I had felt so comfortable and relaxed. On the desk I found a brochure explaining that anything I could ever want to do, experience, purchase or eat was only a thought away. I decided to sit on the front deck and just take it all in. On the table outside next to a lovely chaise lounge was a bottle of my favorite beverage. I smiled as I sat and sipped the cool drink. I hadn’t eaten all day and thoughts of what I would like to eat became clear. Just then a golf cart rolled up to the bungalow and a silver dinning tray was delivered to the outside table. The young waiter said nothing and left. The meal was exquisite. Never before had I tasted food so flavorful. Here I was on vacation and so satisfied to stay right here, relaxed. No sooner than I began to anticipate the sunset, it began. The sunset was anything but short lived. The colors were radiant. The entire scene, with all the colors, the mountains in the distance, the trees, all seemed to soak into my soul. It was just absolutely breathtaking. I really did not want to call it a day, but the thoughts of a limitless tomorrow made it easy to retire to the exquisite bedroom of the bungalow and stretch out on the luxurious bed. I dosed off to sleep with the sound of a gentle breeze through the trees and the distant sound of small waves lapping against a beach. The next morning as I stared into the mirror, after my glorious shower, I found that my own reflection seemed much younger. I felt so alive and reenergize! I decided to visit the small town, not too far from the Bungalow, that the brochure said would be a delight. As I entered the colorful little community, I noticed several small store fronts and shops that offered for sale anything a person could want. As I made my first purchase, I was very surprised when the sales person refused my cash I tried to hand him. The sales person, seeing my shock, informed me that cash was only a temporary illusion as were all tangible treasures that most people cling to. Furthermore, I was informed that I would find, in my wallet, just enough cash to purchase anything I may want, however, I would not need it. As I continued to visit the remaining shops, I was delighted each time I wanted to make a purchase, to find just enough cash in my wallet, but the cashiers would not accept any of it. The next several days brought a joyous time of swimming in the warm crystal blue waters of a secluded lake that was like a lagoon off the coast of Australia, sunning on a sensational beach, and hiking some of the most profound and beautiful mountains I have ever had the pleasure to see. The food had more than met my every expectation. Sleep had never been so satisfying. Every morning I was awakened by a delightful, brilliant sunrise and every evening was blissfully serene. I knew that all too soon my short getaway would have to come to an end. I chose to spend the last day of this wonderful vacation on the glorious beach I had visited several times. I swam freely in the warm water and snorkeled the coral reef where I was met with a burst of colorful coral and stunning little fish. Feeling somewhat exhausted for the first time during my stay, I decided to relax on the soft white sand and soon fell asleep. Somewhere in that sweet spot just before wakefulness, I felt something crawling on my foot and there was a phone ringing and the obnoxious noise of traffic. It surely must be a dream right? The thing rawling on my foot brought me to full consciousness. In a flash my dream vacation was over. I awoke to find myself still reclined on the sofa, letter in hand, telling me that my dream vacation was just that, only a dream, and out of the corner of my eye, crawling across the floor, I see the spider that brought my dream vacation to an end. You may be wondering how difficult it was to return to the reality of daily life. I must tell you that it was not all that hard because I know that I or anyone can return to this refreshing location in a matter of moments. You need only let your mind drift to where it really wants to be. Daydreaming is easy and has also been touted as good for you. A deep daydream can easily turn into a dream. An article from QualityHealth. com states that recent research conducted at the University of British Columbia in Canada reveals that not only is daydreaming extremely common (experts say we spend one-third of our lives doing it), but its actually healthy. It turns out that when we let our minds wander, numerous areas of the brain are activated, more than were previously thought. And were not even aware were doing it. In this study, scientists placed subjects inside a special scanner and had them perform a routine task. Their attentiveness was gauged using brain scans, their performance on the task, and reports by subjects themselves. Not only did the parts of the subjects brains responsible for easy mental tasks activate, but so did the so-called executive network responsible for processing more complicated thoughts and problems. What does this mean? When you put aside that tough essay after working on it for several hours in order to sit on your porch and stare at the flowers, it doesnt mean youre lazy. It means your brain is smart enough to recognize that switching to a more mundane activity allows complex thought to take place. By letting your mind wander, youre allowing it to hit on the solutions to problems that may have eluded you before. In fact, many creative people claim that they get their best ideas while doing something routine, such as taking a shower or going for a run. And some of the smartest kids in school may spend part of their classroom time doodling or staring out the window. Teachers or bosses may not approve of your daydreaming, but it is generally a healthy thing. Of course, if daydreaming takes up so much of your time that youre having trouble getting even basic chores completed, you probably should learn to focus a little more. Otherwise, dont worry about those mental time-outs that reenergize and refresh you for the tasks at hand. So, as you can see, you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want, see anything you want, touch, feel, or taste anything you can dream up. This can be done in a matter of minutes or if you have the time, you can spend hours at any location of your choice, in a daydream.

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