Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Drawing and Painting Media :: Art

Drawing and Painting Media Pencils Are Ace:- Pencils are classified by their hardness (H) and Blackness (B) and range from 9H to 9B. An HB pencil is in the middle as it’s both hard and black, and is good for general sketching. A harder pencil (like a 2H) is better for precise, technical drawings as it won’t smudge so easily. 1) Pencils are made from a mixture of graphite (a form of carbon) and clay. 2) Coloured pencils come in a range of colours and a variety of hardnesses. The softer ones are best for laying even, flat colour and are less likely to break. Inks, Paints, Pastels, Dry-transfer Lettering†¦ Also Ace:- 1) Inks are pigments suspended in water or solvent. They’re good for colour infilling, background washes and writing. 2) Gouache is a type of opaque paint, which is ideal for producing flat areas of colour, or highlights on renderings (e.g. coats of plaster, mortar, etc.). 3) Pastels come in two varieties – oil and chalk. Chalk pastel is particularly good for producing backgrounds on renderings, or adding tone and shading. It’s easily blended using your fingers or cotton wool. 4) Dry-Transfer lettering is applied with pressure from a waxed translucent sheet onto drawings or prototype models. It comes in various typefaces, sizes, styles and colours. Airbrushes Blow A Mist Of Ink:- 1) Airbrushes blow a fine mist of ink from a reservoir onto an image area, using compressed air from a compressor or a ‘power pack’ (can of compressed air). 2) It’s a time-consuming medium – you have to mask all the areas you don’t want to airbrush using a low tack clear film and a craft knife. Plus you need loads of practice to do it well. 3) You can get really great photo-realistic results, if you know what you’re doing. There are excellent examples of airbrushing on various record/CD sleeves, posters and adverts. 4) Airbrushing effects can also be achieved with some computer packages, e.g. Adobe Photoshop. Felt Pens And Markers – Water-Based Or Spirit-Based:- Water-based pens aren’t suitable for large areas because they dry quickly and leave streaks. 1) Fine-liners come in a variety of thicknesses and colours. They’re great for outlining drawings.

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