Tuesday, October 22, 2019


HOW TO START A COLLEGE ESSAY Interesting fact about writing a college essay is at the beginning. How to start a college essay? Stop being a responsible adult and start writing all possible ideas that come to your head. The ideas, details, anecdotes stories will come to you while a brainstorming stage. It is a great help if you read your essay ideas to your friend and discuss details with him or her. There is plenty of information on writing a college essay. Another important aspect of college essay writing is that you should keep your writing different from the ones you did in class. Make a list of all your likings and passions. If you find that one idea consistently comes back to your mind as writing topic, then it is worth your particular attention.   Planning the writing of a college essay is the core of the writing process. You are being asked by the admission officers to talk about yourself. Your own personality is now a focus of all your ideas. After a thorough research of yourself, link all of the listed qualities to the evidence. Then find connections that will help you to create an outline. Next step is drafting and introduction, body and conclusion writing. Finish up with thorough proofreading.

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