Thursday, October 17, 2019

Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

Strategic Management - Essay Example In order to earn profits on the part of a company, it is deemed very necessary for a company or a business firm to do something different than the rest of the lot so that it is considered as an entity that provides value and meaning to its customers different from the rest of the remaining lot. This value can be in the form of provision of a totally different and novel service that the company might give at a particular period of time or bring in certain activities that mesh along well with the company’s varied products which are actually being sold under the umbrella of the company’s name. Hence the changing market structure might call for changing strategies and lines of action that would all target the people for whom the product is actually designed as well as the competitors with whom the clutter is being broken in the environs of the marketplace. Thus competition brings in more and more quality at the end of the company with regards to its products as well as more sales in the form of its varied and changed stance on focusing towards the customers rather than the product itself. Apart from that, emphasis on need must be the order of the day rather than bringing out more and more varied stock key units just for the sake of it. The different products should satisfy each and every user rather than satisfy the people sitting in the innovation labs and those who invent just to take the company one step further. This trap should thus be avoided under all circumstances.

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