Thursday, October 17, 2019

Reaction to Karen Pykes Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reaction to Karen Pykes Article - Essay Example Within these three factors, what become apparent are the immigrants high regard for the culture which is dominant in the society. Their picture of what is "ideal" and "normal" family becomes synonymous with that of the North American family as seen in popular media and their American peers. On the other hand, the family ideology of the minority like Koreans and Vietnamese is seen as deficient. The study reveals the preference of the immigrants to have a more Americanized family than stick with their own family ideologies. It should be noted that almost all the interviewees express their predilection for more sensitive, open communication, flexibility, and forgiveness among family members. Their traditional family values like role prescriptions, family obligations, hierarchical relations, and lack of emotional expressiveness are seen are hindrances in attaining rapport among family members. Given a chance to change their families, Koreans and Vietnamese immigrants want their parents to be less strict and give them more freedom, more open-minded and less traditional, and more expressive. As mentioned above, it can be seen that this perception of the normal and ideal family stems from the hegemony of the American culture in the society where they belong. However, Pyke also notes that even though Koreans and Vietnamese immigr

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