Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Real World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Real World - Essay Example I have otherwise come across a good number of students who have graduated and landed in jobs they did not even study or plan for. It is therefore obvious that there is the great difference between life in the real world and the college life. What am I going to do? Right now, it is a really difficult question because I have no idea what I am going to do in the real world. As a freshman in the society, it may be hard to fit in the real world environment as I expect. I am not different from other students or youths who love talking about their future, hopes and prospects. I major in marketing and I believe the marketing skills I got from college are enough to make me sail through. I can relate well with people both back in my homeland or in any other part of the world because of my skills. I got very wonderful communication skills that may help me interacting with anyone be it a senior manager or just a junior employee of any company globally. My parents always say,† It is time fo r you to face the real world and you should find your personal value.† Actually, I am kind really afraid of the real world because people often say that the real world is cruel. Although I am so excited about finishing school life, the experience of facing the real world is a bit scary. Indeed facing outside world is very hard to students who previously depended on their parents. College life is a bit enjoyable compared to the real world. It seems that there are several challenges faced by graduates in the real world that are largely different from the college or campus life. One of the greatest challenges faced in the real life is the job market experience which is very different from the college or campus life. In the real world, we need to learn how to build a good relationship between our manager and co-workers. I believe I am well placed and ready to successfully work as a marketer for any product be it my own products. We also need to learn how to communicate with other people because it is not easy like when we were in school. According to my personal experiences, when people get old it is very difficult to find good friends. Also, I would like to show others why I am different than other people and show my personal value to them. Personally, I am very socializing in nature and therefore I can create friends as fast as possible. After graduating from the University, I would like to find a job as soon as possible because I want to learn the new rules for the real world. I think if I combine my newly acquired skills from the books and the many skills at work then I will completely fit into the new world. Sometimes, the real world is just like a melting pot that can change people’s personality. However, everything has two sides; we cannot just focus on the negative side. The only thing is that we need to do our best in everything so that we do not regret in future. We need to face life the way it is and find the appropriate remedy for every ch allenge without leaving anything to chance. In addition, when I get into the real world I will improve on my communication skills with the society, work in the group and build self-confidence since these elements are very useful particularly to the employers. I feel that it is vital for a fresh graduate to collect various experiences and avoid choosiness when it comes to job selection.

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