Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A Review of the Human Resource blogs in the Hospitailty Industry Essay

A Review of the Human Resource blogs in the Hospitailty Industry - Essay Example My research stretched to deeper view and analysis of a Human Resource blog that aimed at having â€Å"Human† back in Human resource. This is criticizing the replacement of labor by technology that ends up giving less meaning to the term Human Resource in various workforces. As per this blog, it is evident that when the job market comes to question, the words Human Resource end up influencing whether one gets hired or fired. The blog highlights that companies indulge in tough decision making difficult choices. Majority of these choices involve their employees: this however does not mean that these choices are precisely to the advantage of these employees. The main discussion in this blog was to criticize the replacement of humans in human resource with other media. It is discussed that when companies decide on the fate of its human personnel, the decision arrived at is vital and important as it dictates whether there is boost in morale and whether there is availability of visible talent rendition that helps evaluate each and every individual contributor in that particular organization (Barrows, 2009). It is unfortunate though, when human workers are replaced by technology. Decisions evaluated change from matters concerning human skills to for instance, discussion of line items on spreadsheet software, computer tabulations and more technology terms that vividly show to what extent humans have been replaced. This replacement in the so-called human resource workforce in the tourism and associated industries in an effort to portray ingenuity in the tourism industry by machinery and other upcoming personnel media has had diverse effect. Bloggers who participated in this tourism blog by posting views and comments have a view that this trend should come to an instant stop. Humans should take back their role in human resource. The first step to take is seeing to it that the roles

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