Wednesday, September 11, 2019

If it is not cold war Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

If it is not cold war - Assignment Example The US, hence, should assume an aloof position that casts her as a non-partisan party to the crisis. Harman, however, argues that the involvement of the US in the crisis is inevitable. This occurs given the attention Putin is garnering in the world. Putin’s actions could contribute towards an ideological shift that would transform world politics. Harman highlights the fact that the crisis is ideologically linked to the Ukrainian revolution. By playing partisan world politics, the US could create a crisis in the formerly stable country. Fiona Hill gives a historical account of world politics in analyzing the scenario. She highlights Russia as the core of communism that dominated the Stalin government. On the other end, the US is a capitalistic outfit that has long argued for liberal markets. When Putin gains control of Ukraine, he may attain the leeway to impose a new socio-economic order that is aligned to authoritarianism and central management of governments. Russia, in this case, is making a deliberate move of inviting the world’s attention to her

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