Thursday, September 12, 2019

Global Competitive Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Global Competitive Strategy - Essay Example In order to vie in the competitive global food market, Delhaize adopted competitive marketing strategies in virtually all its business functions. The group has attained the ability to attract and retain qualified organizational personnel for all of its business needs. This provides them with competitive strength over rival firms in the industry to produce and supply quality products at reduced cost. (1). Dynamic growth in regional markets and retail concepts: The group identified the significant growth opportunity in the USA, Belgium, Central and Southern European and South East Asian markets and started building new supermarket stores in these areas. The growth strategy of the group is mainly based on starting new supermarket stores in important business locations in selected areas. The remodeling and enlargement of existing stores are continuously been carried out in order to maintain customer preferences and retain product viability of the stores. (2). Promote innovation and the use of technology: Delhaize Group is considered as the innovator in the food retail market. It is the pioneer of self service supermarket in continental Europe. The Food Lion in the Group introduced everyday low price concept in food retailing business and gets higher level customer acceptance. Adoption of innovative technology in production and marketing renders competitive edge to Delhaize. The Group introduced self scanning system in their super market stores and it facilitates extra convenience to customers and suppliers. Introduction of loyalty cards in the business provides high growth in the business transactions of Delhaize. The loyalty card holders contribute a major share of their total sales revenue. This scheme has proved successful in the market as it motivates the card holders to depend on the supplier for all market needs. Setting up of business- to- business exchange (B2B) system in the business operations is highly beneficial to the g roup to transact its

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