Saturday, September 7, 2019

An organisation's performance can be improved by careful development Essay

An organisation's performance can be improved by careful development and integration of its HR strategy and policies. Evaluate - Essay Example It will continuously attempt to recruit them and keep them part of the organization. This mutual relationship and trust between the employee and employer is the highlighting factor for a firm of 21st Century. Generally, daily these organizations co-operate a major role in our daily lives (Boyatzis 1982). The water we drink, food we eat, the vehicles we use to go from one place to another, the clothes we usually wear are all benevolence of such organizations. The historians of future regard this era as they might view certain organization to be of great achievements. It is the marvel of thousands of people with sophisticated individual skills, backgrounds, and interests that combine together in different organizations to pursue the common institutionalized objectives (Gold et al 2010). Human Resource Planning People or employees are the assets of all organizations. They form the goals or objectives of the organization, the improvements in technology and the achievements for which orga nizations are known for. From the view point of an organization, its people are its resources. They are not physical assets such as capital or land; rather they are human element of the organization. Without this human element, organizations would perish (Armstrong 2002). The following narration clarifies the concept of human resource in an organization: As people are becoming more passionate and goal oriented, emerging top managers are realizing the organizational success that is dependent upon the meticulous attention given to human assets. Some of the perfectly managed and successful organizations are the ones who make their employees meet the challenges faced by the organizations innovatively. For instance in high-tech firms, to receive the best from engineers, they must come up with creative programs and designs, in bio-tech firms and in research as well; nurturing the free flow and creativity of the ideas among the researchers as it leads to success (Wilton 2011). In the manuf acturing firms, the cost controls leads to success. In the service and retail industry, the difference between the extinction and growth is completed by providing the best quality of service. In all of these examples, the employees decide the future of the firm. This way the human element practices are combined with the precise challenges that the firm faces. These challenges are diligently solved by an effective and efficient human resource management by implementing the right policies and strategies (Boxall & Purcell 2008). Today, organizations have become conscious of the fact that strategic human resource management is mandatory for an organization and its importance is focused upon increasingly in most firms. This awareness comprises of a serious arena in the performance of most organizations. The experiences from real life show that there is a constant assumption attached to the idea how businesses operate and how they carry out their activities. The validation of this argumen t pertains in the fact that the competitiveness of business is a continuous event which is scrutinized by consultants, practitioners, and academicians. There are new approaches to deal with the human resource department now (Gold et al 2010). Armstrong (2009) said that the strategic human resource management focuses on the needs that the HR strategies and plan should be devised within the arena of

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