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In what ways have British institutions and policy-making adjusted to Essay

In what ways have British institutions and policy-making adjusted to the influence of the EU - Essay Example End up being taken (in the form of regulations, directives, recommendations, programs or strategies) for this international regime. Thus, the concept embraces here so what the literature generally defines Europeanization (or the EU's growing impact on the behaviour of actors, institutional functioning, legal and political process of the EU countries). In addition, what this excludes and has been called "domestication" (projection of the preferred policy approaches by countries to the European level) (Jordan, 2000a: 1) or "horizontal transmission and indirectly" in the sense that certain EU member states to use "export" its priorities and environmental objectives to other countries ((McCormick, John, 2008)). Once the concept is passed, secondly, to analyze the mechanisms through which Europeanization operates, noting that harmonization is the mechanism par excellence when it comes to understanding why environmental policy has been Europeanized. Subsequently, there are three dimensions within this policy. The Europeanization of substantive dimensions, institutional and environmental policy style The Europeanization of the content or substantive dimension of environmental policy is very clear as to the incorporation into national legislation (through the mechanism of transposition of directives mainly) standards and of principles or mechanisms that contribute to achieving the objectives set by the regulations. The polluter pays principle is reflected for example in water legislation, which includes fees for both direct and indirect discharges, while voluntary agreements that deviate from the classical regulatory mechanism (command-and- control), have been applied in various fields of waste management policy. A different theme is, of course, the compliance (enforcement) of legislation, and that not all fees apply CC.AA nor all of them have been collected, with the same intensity, economic and fiscal mechanisms in their regulations. On the other hand, other instrume nts, such as voluntary agreements between governments and companies are still relatively minor and have not developed systematically or in law or in practice. (Cini, Michele and Nieves Perez-Solorzano Borragan (eds) 2009) However, examples of Europeanization of the substantive dimension is infinite ranging from the reference; that the first draft of the National Hydrological Plan (the developed by the socialist government in 1993) was a directive 91/271 to introduce the requirement to protect water quality, to the approval of the tax on waste oils (ministerial order of 02/28/1989) reflecting the directives 75/439 and 87/101.Through the objectives of increased energy use renewable has set the Ministry of Industry and Energy (MINER) in its latest National Energy Plan. Following the fifth Environmental Action Programme of the EU, or the introduction of the so-called strategic environmental impact assessment on the part of certain regional governments. Overall, in terms of content in UK , there has been Europeanization of national environmental policy due to the need to transpose a large number of directives after the entry into the Community in 1986 (Directives also

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