Monday, September 30, 2019

Havaianas Advertisement Essay

This article is stating that these sandals fit all personalities and characters; no one is too cool for these sandals. In order to persuade the audience they obviously use attractive models to gain the reader’s attention. They then go on to dress the models in the clothing the words are describing. All in all they made a pretty cool looking ad that will definitely grab the attention of their audience, Cosmopolitan readers. The ad keeps one looking around the page so that the reader will see at the bottom where the name of the company and what they are selling is located. Havaianas is not necessarily implying that one benefits in any particular way by wearing their sandals, they are just trying to iterate that these sandals are or can be worn be anyone. Superhero’s, movie stars, and even tango enthusiasts would wear these at times, so they must have the style and comfort for all occasions. Havaianas might not make u better person, but it appears from the models that they are in a good mood and comfortable in there surrounding even though the house is getting destroyed. At first glance I thought the article was trying to make it seem one would be more popular for wearing Havaians, but then I realized they are trying to sell people on the products versatility, how it is a sandal for all occasions. After studying and trying to find the different meanings of the article I conclude that the implied claims are supported efficiently by the content of the ad. The words â€Å"and/or† are placed in the article twice; this helps the reader distinguish the proper meaning of the article and not assume that these are the people you can become by wearing them.

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